Coventry Divide: Party Leader Not Welcome in Pride Community

I recently joined the Coventry Pride Community group on Facebook but it hasn’t been a very positive experience.

I wanted to introduce myself as a gay politician and find out more about LGBT issues in Coventry.

However, the ‘former Vice Chair’ and current admin of the group launched a personal attack on my character. Dylan Parrin said “having someone who was the chairman of Coventry UKIP, which is not exactly a group that stands up for human rights, let alone LGBT+ makes me uncomfortable.”

Mr Parrin also said: “It would be great to know how you’ve changed and what you now stand for.” However, he also stated that ‘politics goes against community rules of the group’.

Unfortunately, Mr Parrin has completely misrepresented my views by implying that I do not support LGBT equality or human rights. He also got upset when I pointed out what his role was in the group and accused me of “bullying”.

Furthermore, I posted a copy of a previous statement about LGBT families and relationships in response to Mr Parrin’s request. However, this resulted in my removal from the group. I have also been blocked so I can no longer find the group on Facebook.

I have written to the Chair of Coventry Pride about my concerns. This was before I noticed my removal from the group. Read the letter below (tap to view):