Candidates 2021

We are pleased to be standing 19 candidates in the local elections including 4 under 25s, 8 women and 3 LGBT candidates. Our candidates also include local business owners, health care professionals and community activists. We are also pleased by the work our candidates have been doing to support local communities throughout the pandemic.

There are 18 local wards in Coventry with 3 council seats in each one. Each seat is up for election every four years. This means local elections take place every year for 3 years out of 4 with no elections in the fourth year. There are a total of 19 council seats up for election on 6 May including two in Wyken.

See our full list of candidates below:

Bablake – Tony Middleton

Binley & Willenhall – Paul Cowley

Cheylesmore – Nate Lewis

Earlsdon – Cameron Baxter

Foleshill – Nicola Spalding

Henley – Charlie Ann Wilson

Holbrook – Alan Gavin

Longford – Ian Rogers

Lower Stoke – Lorna Williams

Radford – Irena Bosworth

Sherbourne – Sian Jones

St Michael’s – Karen Wilson

Upper Stoke – Thomas Watts

Wainbody – George Ireland

Westwood – Danielle Stringfellow

Whoberley – Teri Fogden

Woodlands – Marcus Fogden

Wyken – Gary Cooper

Wyken – Sunny Singh Braitch

3 Replies to “Candidates 2021”

  1. Hi
    I like Cameron Baxter’s agenda and issues to be dealt with for the Earlsdon ward.
    I would like to add one for consideration for Cameron to get my vote and that is.
    I would like someone to investigate traffic calming measures on my road baginton road
    Styvechale. The road is currently a Rat run between leamington road and the A45
    And seems to attract more than it’s fair share of boy racers and other gender people obsessed with speeding . I belevieve it is only a matter of time before we have fatalities on the road due to serious
    Car incidents .
    Most of the surrounding areas close by all seem to various forms of traffic calming measures


    1. Hi James.
      You raise a very important issue. I often use that road when I go to Mamoni Balti or one of the other shops and some of the speeds that some cars are going at is extremely dangerous. Traffic calming measures would be a good idea. May I ask are there any measures that you have in mind?
      Thanks for getting in touch!

      1. Seems to me that all that traffic calming measures do is break people’s cars. On a 20 or 30mph stretch of road, one has to drive at 5mph to not risk damage to their vehicles. And instead of keeping traffic on a main road which happens to be built for this very reason with very wide verges, traffic calming methods will route traffic on side streets, with much narrower roads, where cars pass inches from people on the pavement. I fail to see how restricting traffic on a main thoroughfare is a good idea in any way, shape, or form, especially a road as wide as Baginton Road.
        The negative effects of this are already visible due to the works being carried out on Leaf Lane. Instead of traffic using Leaf Lane, a road built for this purpose, they are diverting through Charminster Drive, which is much narrower, filled with parked cars. One of my neighbours has already had their mirror smashed.

        Lastly, looks like the only people benefitting from this seem to be the people who have made a conscious decision to move on a main road. No one else is consulted about this, asked if they want extra traffic moving at high speed through their narrow streets.

        I cannot stress this enough: LEAVE MAIN ROADS TO DO THE JOB OF MAIN ROADS! Stop installing traffic calming measures unless you’re ready to foot the bill for damaged vehicles.

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