Results 2021

We are very pleased with our results from this year’s local elections. This is because we are a new party and took between 2-5% of the vote in wards where we weren’t able to do any campaigning. What’s more, Paul Cowley has been working hard to support the local community and achieved 21% in Binley & Willenhall.

Ward Results

Bablake – Tony Middleton 132 (3%)

Binley & Willenhall – Paul Cowley 817 (21%)

Cheylesmore – Nate Lewis 122 (3%)

Earlsdon – Cameron Baxter 252 (4%)

Foleshill – Nicola Spalding 123 (3%)

Henley – Charlotte Wilson 162 (4%)

Holbrook – Alan Gavin 166 (4%)

Longford – Ian Rogers 139 (4%)

Lower Stoke – Lorna Williams 174 (4%)

Radford – Irena Bosworth 187 (5%)

Sherbourne – Sian Jones 143 (3%)

St Michael’s – Karen Wilson 100 (3%)

Upper Stoke – Thomas Watts 168 (5%)

Wainbody – George Ireland 93 (2%)

Westwood – Danielle Stringfellow 101 (2%)

Whoberley – Teri Fogden 138 (3%)

Woodlands – Marcus Fogden 110 (2%)

Wyken – Gary Cooper 195 (3%)

Wyken – Sunny Singh Braitch 194 (3%)

National Picture

Unfortunately, the two main parties framed this year’s local elections around national politics. This includes the government’s handling of the pandemic and the row over Boris Johnson’s flat. This has clearly been difficult for smaller parties to contend with.

Local Focus

We know that Labour and the Tories will continue to play politics whilst raising council tax, turning the city centre economy upside down and neglecting outer city areas. However, we saw many rejected ballots in several wards where voters had chosen both Labour and the Coventry Citizens Party. This shows voters are still loyal to Labour but also willing to support a new party over local issues.

Candidates 2022

We look forward to next year’s local elections and welcome applications from new prospective candidates.

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