New Leader Elected At Annual Meeting

Members have elected Cameron Baxter as party leader alongside Marcus Fogden as second officer for the next 12 months.

Former leader and founding member Ian Rogers resigned at the party’s annual meeting due to health reasons.

Cameron said: “I am pleased to be leading a fantastic team of community champions including Paul Cowley, Sian Jones and Sunny Braitch.

“I am also excited, at 20 years old, to possibly be the youngest ever party leader in the UK.

Cameron stood for election in Earlsdon in 2021

“I would like to thank Ian for his commitment over the past two years including setting up the party and taking us through our first set of local elections with very positive results.

“We wish Ian well and hope to see him return soon.”

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  1. Hi. Who are you? Don’t you think this website needs a paragraph or two on how and why you came to be formed? On what makes you so different from the existing, established parties that you need to start an entirely separate party – (no small undertaking.) Where, so to speak, are you coming from; what philosophy informs your general direction? I ask out of general curiosity (as you appear to have popped up out of nowhere) and am not a member of any party. I like some of your policies.

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