Local Election Results 2023

We are very pleased with this year’s local election results after increasing our vote and achieving a strong second place in Binley and Willenhall.

We will continue to build on this to hold both Labour and Conservatives to account. Our community champion Paul Cowley is also committed to supporting local communities in the area.

It’s clear this year’s elections were once again framed around national politics. Unfortunately, the results have not changed the government in Westminster and have not changed the council in Coventry. However, we would like to congratulate the Greens on taking their second council seat from Labour.

We also know that many people are put-off by frequent local elections where not much seems to change. This can also be confusing to voters especially when the media tends to focus on national politics.

We will continue to call for changes to the way local elections are held and a reduction in the number of city councillors. We believe this can help increase democratic participation and voter turnout by making elections simpler and a bit more exciting.


Bablake – Tony Middleton 180 (5%)

Binley & Willenhall – Paul Cowley 970 (32%)

Cheylesmore – Ian Stringfellow 124 (3%)

Earlsdon – Cameron Baxter 148 (3%)

Henley – Thomas Watts 215 (7%)

Longford – Sian Williamson 150 (5%)

Lower Stoke – Dani Stringfellow 190 (5%)

Radford – Marcus Fogden 199 (7%)

Sherbourne – Teri Fogden – 100 (3%)

St Michael’s – Karen Wilson 109 (4%)

Upper Stoke – Gary Cooper 247 (9%)

Wainbody – Adam Hancock 86 (2%)

Whoberley – Nate Lewis 113 (3%)

Wyken – Lorna Williams 176 (6%)

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